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Antifreeze filling machine manufacturers

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-04
The automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine has been occupying the position of the packaging industry, constantly open up a new development path, at present, the automatic filling machine is developing toward a fully automated, high efficiency, energy saving, in the filling machinery market set off a upsurge of hot. Antifreeze liquid filling machine absorbed the new structure of electronic valve filling machine full-time program, the characteristics of the active control to ensure the antifreeze in absolute pressure under the condition of stable filling, etc. Canceled the main valve opens its new structure spring, using the differential cylinder balance principle, at the same time, in the case of a stable and uniform circular motion, through the outer ring CAM active control filling process the precise design and distribution of various functions. Specially designed filling valve device is easy to operate, fast and exact, filling drip-proof sucker and other special automatic recovery unit to completely avoid the leakage of filling after the completion of the residual droplet, effectively guarantee the cost saving and environmental protection. Antifreeze filling machine filling control system error is mainly composed of the flow measurement error and overshoot control error of two parts, mainly including flow meter, temperature, pressure, flow measurement error such as the error of the instrument, mainly including control overshoot control error adjustment and operation execution errors. In setting in advance under the condition of small flow close the valve, filling the precision of the control system mainly depends on the flow and temperature, pressure, etc. The precision of the instrument. Overshoot error of filling has a little influence on the precision of the system. Antifreeze liquid filling machine is one of the automatic liquid filling machine in recent years, the production is increasing year by year, because antifreeze itself is more special, so more strict to the requirement of automatic filling machine, compared with the lubricating oil, filling it's much more complicated, for antifreeze filled, usually use filling type flowmeter, automatic filling machine has a high accuracy.
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