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And design requirements of pressure vessel

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-06
Spherical head pressure vessel in the mandrel is not only to satisfy the requirement of the product shape, size precision, and meet the requirements of product molding process such as curing, demoulding; For the core modules of these products, there are three solutions: first, the inner core mold; Selection has certain rigidity and intensity of lining materials, directly on the lining on the construction of the product, product production is completed, lining as part of the products don't have to remove. Second, composite mandrel; In some mechanical structure will be a number of parts assembled into the core mold, product production is completed, remove the parts from a hole. Third, water-soluble cores mould; With water soluble resin making sand core and sand mold, the core of mold surface of the product construction, after curing with hot water dissolved the sand core mold, sand mixture poured out from his mouth. Three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and limitations. After screening of molding method, finally decided to adopt the water-soluble cores die products. Because products are sealing requirements, therefore need a sealing layer in the surface layer casing to ensure shell sealing; In this product, adopted the nitrile rubber seal lining layer, shell sealing problems were solved successfully; Outside of the seal lining layer is the shell of the bearing structure layer, mainly made up of carbon fiber composite materials, carbon fiber composite material is glass fiber composite material density is small, high thermal stability and size, all of these characteristics to reduce the shell weight and improve sealing plays a positive role; Sealing interface between lining layer and bearing structure adhesive USES a special kind of adhesive bonding process and bonding agent. Shell the poles very mouth metal structure is made of aluminum alloy material, after sandblasting surface treatment, using special adhesive and sealing lining. Shell structure layer winding is on the computer control winding machine, in addition to both ends of a mouth place need to cut the root of vertical layer, the rest of the longitudinal layer all don't need wire mouth do arm movement, is only on the longitudinal winding program manually when switching on winding fiber on the surface of spherical head and localization.
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