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Analysis of the filling and sealing machine design course in the future

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-23
Filling and sealing machine in the cosmetics, light industry, Daily chemical) , pharmaceutical, food and other professional has a wide use. These professional products generally choose to hose packaging container, the device can be ointment, creams, gels or viscosity fluid filling material inside the hose, and then printed word, mergers and acquisitions at the rear of the hose hot melt pressure clip plastic together, produce products. Filling and sealing machine is a kind of tubular metal hose or composite hose filling paste materials and sealing of the high degree of automation equipment. Conform to the standard of new metering pump, stainless steel butterfly valve with screw fine-tuning, weighing accuracy; Choose photoelectric general standard organization, PLC programmable control, trademark is accurate, reliable; Frequency control of motor speed, complex tissue dividing positioning, choose the world organization for zui new fold edge sealing tail. Filling and sealing machine produce skill has always been in the fast, efficient, fast, it is designed to raise the factory produce power, let the equipment manufacturers use real feel machine with high power. On skill requirements, in addition to products also requires a product error rate is low, it is worthy of a high power products, enable customers to enjoy real fast. Filling and sealing machine is the nine sealing machine, with a level 3 in-line sealing machine finished at one time, can save energy, reduce the production cost. Equipments in the domestic production manufacturers, the primary selection is given priority to with grinding, shear and auxiliary equipment, the entire process needs three colloid mill to work, both to increase the equipment investment, zui final fineness is still unsatisfactory, filling and sealing machine is different from traditional colloid mill, the traditional colloid mill each only a pair of millstones, each pair of mill zui layer structure, sealing machine have a level 3, the stator structure, each level six floors, produces power equivalent to 9 of colloid mill. The action principle of filling and sealing machine, electric motor, reducer, drive shaft work. Bevel gear drive sheave on spindle organization work, and then drive the index plate accurately intermittent work. Center of the CAM driven plate for up and down, the relative motion of the moving plate and the fixing lead sealing organization conducted a series of sealing. Filling and sealing machine reducer output shaft end is connected with the electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic clutch after manipulation of the filling the organization's work, and then control filling or not. Another shaft end after CAM manipulation of the push rod moves up and down, after filling sealing products out. Through photoelectric switch and a series of correlation, micro switch makes filling machine, sealing harmony, organization, and other working parts and get the requirements of product. Filling and sealing machine in the future planning should choose standardized, modular programming ideas, can make full use of the modular programming of original sealing machine, can in a short period of time will be converted to new models, the new models of price control in a reasonable range. Filling and sealing machine control function of intelligent control system is the brain of a mechanical equipment, also is the central equipment of motion instructions.
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