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Analysis of the emulsifying machine industry in our country how to customize age

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-24
With dairy products such as food industry vigorously, emulsifying machine profession also emerged, to develop rapidly, conveniently into custom mulser climax period. Across the country to produce vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine manufacturers, many enterprises have gradually start to the road of customization, for enterprises to supply food and beverage, chemical raw materials processing and other mechanical equipment of the solution. Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine is suitable for the normal pressure, vacuum, under the working condition of positive pressure operation. Rotor and stator of fine coordination, work head claw type structure, two-way of absorb, high shearing efficiency. Shear head is composed of rotor and stator, the rotor with its high speed and high frequency mechanical effect to the kinetic energy of the strong, make the material in the gap, the stator fine by shear, centrifugal kneading, friction, fluid layer touch attack the inductive effect such as tear and turbulence, and then reach, grinding and emulsifying effect. Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine has a huge potential market, its high efficiency, high degree of modernization, function is very strong, with technology constantly perfect, will continue to sophisticated. Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine will be carried out continuously forward, in the constant speed up the pace, get more results. Specialized machinery have more advantages in the competition, no technology is not very practical. Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine in carry out not only can accelerate develop speed, will be the introduction of new technology, on the basis of the integration, to complete intelligent, make the vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine more and more perfect, more and more strong.
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