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Analysis of gel filling machine popular in the market

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-24
Follow the market demand to add, on the gel filling machine production process requirements of more and more is also high. Relying on the strength of science and technology, filler will be toward the mechanization development, gradually perfect, the reason was welcomed by the market, it is important to have the following characteristics: 1, the new horizontal design, light and convenient, active material, about sticky larger can feed hopper raw material. 2, manual and active mutual switch function: when gel filling machine in & other; Active & throughout; Conditions, the machine according to the set speed, 3 successive filling, active. And when the machine is in & quot; Manual & quot; Condition, operating personnel on dynamic pedal, to implement the filling, if always live on, is also to active the status of the successive filling. 4, drip tight filling system: when filling the cylinder up and down movement, drive straight. Cylinder upward movement, straight up, that is, the valve open, and start filling material; Stop conversely filling. Drip with the phenomenon of wire drawing and cut. 5, material cylinder, tee part adopts type connection, do not need other tools, loading and unloading convenient cleaning.
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