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A practical new hole pressure vessel gas cutting machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-06
Exchange of experience of practical new type of pressure vessel gas cutting hole mechanical qing-le meng xinxiang boiler pressure vessel inspection, henan xinxiang 453003 machinery, easy to use, can improve the quality of the hole, reduce labor intensity and avoid the waste of raw materials. In the process of pressure vessel manufacturing, are often faced with openings ask diameter; Some round hole is radial hole drilling machine is difficult to processing, easily damaged bit; And class is mainly the boiler pressure vessel manhole hand hole oval, all must adopt the method of cutting hole. Currently, in most of the factory is the use of oxygen acetylene flame cutting tools for cutting. As in the opening part according to the size of sample, and then according to the cutting line. Gas cutting machining hole wall itself is coarser, shape is not rules, easy to cause components deformation and stress increase. If combined with unskilled workers, open hole is too large or too small, will directly affect the product assembly and welding quality. If the hole is too small, need to insert the takeover or tube can't insert, often need to repeatedly finishing; Hole is too large, the pipe and the edge of the hole spacing is too large, difficult to make the next step of welding, high amounts of will directly cause the station products scrapped. The author draw lessons from the characteristics of the relevant equipment, designed a set of multifunctional mechanical cutting hole. 1 the structure and principle, principle of design. Mainly by hand wheel bracket shaft hole curvature model plunger spring sample wheel fastening nut base and other parts. Shaft 3 can turn around and be able to move; The curvature model 4 can according to the need for change and adjust the Angle of rotation; Sample opening round 7 can also according to the need for replacement. 1 to take over the hole, for example, the pipe is round, but after and cylinder intersect, round hole is not in a plane, at this time will be 7 to circle round, to switch from 4 to sample and cylinder curvature model. Adjust the spacing of plunger, from 5 axis, plunger, the end is a small pulley, 1. The handwheel. 2. Support; 3. Axis; 4. Model 5 curvature. Top pole; 6. Spring 7. Opening the sample wheel; 8. Plunger, 9. Gas cutting fixed frame; 10. Tighten nut. Base. In six, under the action of sliding along the curvature model. Fixed aerobic cutting torch, adjust to the need to cut round radius, at this time, turn the handwheel, gas cutting torch can hole cut into the required shape. If cutting elliptic hole, such as manhole hand hole, 7 can be replaced with oval round shape proportion hole layout. At this time, turn the handwheel, 8 under the action of the spring, pull the sleeve of the gas cutting fixed frame, and under the edge rotating movement, can cut into corresponding oval hole trajectory. Function and use of the open hole mechanical structure is simple, has a wide applicable scope, can open a variety of shapes of holes, also suitable for cutting pipe head parts of irregular shape and the pipe through the cylinder spare parts after finishing. If required high precision of cutting piece, of course, can also be used in gas cutting fixed rack installation plasma cutting nozzle. By 3, you can see that after dealing with the coal layer, compared with import export water can cut more than 62, if the control flow of each right, ensure waste water in the coal layer on the residence time of oil in 305, 1 out of the water suspended solids can cut 73, achieve the best treatment effect. After 355, it is because of the slag soaked in water, can be dissolution of aluminum in water to form good flocculants such as hydroxyl, will have flocculation adsorption effect of suspended solids in the wastewater, to strengthen its clarification settling effect. 2. 3 slag will slag after screening the influence of particle size, according to the grain diameter size, medium 3 types, respectively for synthetic ammonia gasification cyanide wastewater treatment, the results of 4. Coal particle size mm feed water treatment by 4, you can see that because of the slag has porous structure, porosity, 5060, than a larger area, high surface can, slag containing carbon residue of 1030, the carbon residue has the properties of activated carbon, can be cut in the wastewater 0, 65, 53 53 adsorption. Of slag, the smaller the particle size, other than the same volume of slag area, the greater the contact area and waste water is, the greater the adsorption of wastewater treatment effect is better, can cut more than 70, 88 can cut more than 84, 000 and 38 in organic wastewater treatment has a good processing effect. At the same time the validity of slag treatment was observed in 381 slag particle size has a constant effect on processing time, 2 days need to change 1 batch of slag layer.
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