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3 d swing hybrid machine working principle and the using characteristics

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-18
Like 3 d mixing machine equipment, use of 3 d in the market now swinging mixer equipment, use of more extensive. This equipment can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries such as dry powder material mixture, several kinds of materials with different proportion and different particle size can also quickly and evenly mixed. Working principle: this machine is organic, frequency brake motor, spindle, rotary connecting rod, cylinder parts, etc. Loading of the cylinder in the drive shaft drive operating parallel moving and complex movement, rock, and prompted the material along the barrel hoop, three to composite radial and axial movement, so as to realize a variety of material flow diffusion, mixed with each other, in order to achieve the purpose of high mixing. Using a unique 3 d swing, rotation and translation principle of rock, to produce a strong alternating pulse movement, continuously promote the mixed material, with change of energy gradient of eddy current, which can produce a good mixing effect. Have a smooth running, low noise, high loading coefficient, short mixing time, etc. Features: with unique driven shaft servo structure, make the machine running stable, reliable, low noise. Devices do not need foundation, easy installation and maintenance, long service life good mixing effect, short mixing time, mixing uniformity of 99. More than 5% of the low altitude, mixing barrel feeding cone of eccentric rotary space design, feeding no dead Angle, easy to clean.
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