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What should we do with the stain liquid filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-31
If these dust sticky more more reprocessing, such as clean up will be very difficult, so these Suggestions, liquid filling machine is cleanup, had better clean up in a short period of time, to avoid oil deposition time is too long, and how to operate the cleaning these stains? As follows: 1, preparation, detergent, oil is very sticky, wash not clean, to oil on the surface of the filling machine, we can use detergent to wipe, our daily home use dishwashing liquid can be used, but it must be stressed, use detergent to clean the surface, don't forget to wipe again with water, avoid detergent cleaning not clean, may lead to residues surface corrosion machine. 2, for the liquid filling machine, general surface with twisted a half dry wet cloth to wipe, 3, internal clean, can use a key on the touch screen cleaning function, or have not clean the oil pollution clean up inside filling machine needs by special processing of the maintenance staff, or clear the filling machine of professional technical personnel, this is not a common operator can do, to avoid the error.
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