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What is the working principle of filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-21
The category of the filling machine belongs to the packaging machinery. From the point of view of packaging materials, can be divided into the liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and filling machine. Degree of automation can be divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling machine. Do you want to know how to choose the liquid filling machine? The filler are divided into three parts: storage tank, filling the host and frequency control of motor speed transmission module. Liquid filling machine of filling and packing is located in the top equipment. With a liquid level sensor and feed solenoid valve pressure to atmospheric pressure. In the process of the previous transport liquid materials through electromagnetic valve into the tank. When reach the appropriate level, liquid level sensor, signal and stop the feeding; When the material surface down to the specified location, it will automatically open. Enter the solenoid valve. At the bottom of the tank, discharge through the pipe connected to the main body of the suction pipe full of liquid. When the host job, liquid storage tank of liquid inhaled piston cylinder, and through the nozzle into the bottle. Main liquid filling device main liquid filling device is complete filling operation of the main equipment. On both sides of the front of the host has multiple filling head, has a set of hydraulic cylinder, one for each cylinder filling head. The liquid in the tank is into a cylinder, and then will be squeezed, and by filling in the corresponding bottle. Filling head of the cylinder driving a small piston, to act as a valve to open and close the filling nozzle of the head. At the beginning of filling, insert nozzle into the bottle, and at a certain distance from the bottom of the bottle to open small piston to start filling. Filling head and the edge until the filling is complete, then close the nozzle and promoted to the position of the bottle. In the side of the gas station, there are two driven by cylinder and gas station on the bottle stopper of device, used to fill. Liquid filling machine bottle into the bottle of the belt conveying module, start the bottle, the bottle of export VAT, export plug intercept empty bottles. The entrance is equipped with photoelectric switch to detect the number of bottles. If the number of filling head with the same number of filling head, feeding cylinder is lengthened, inlet will be blocked, and transmitting motor will stop running. Rises after the completion of the filling, the filling head and discharging cylinder retracted, conveyor motor rotation again, then send the filling bottles. Filling machine
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