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Space special pressure vessel and heavy chemical industry equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-12
Because with the development of the space industry, huge market potential and space; Space special pressure vessel, on the other hand, relatively high gross profit margin of the company as a subsidiary, aerospace science and industry group's ability to get orders. Will be implemented after the completion of the project with an annual output of 35000 tons of pressure vessels, including stainless steel and nonferrous metal pressure vessel of 5000 tons, 30000 tons of carbon steel and low alloy steel pressure vessel. The military space the morning said the company in the pressure vessel market account for a certain market share. Due to the launch of the spacecraft test requires a lot of stocks of fuel, fuel storage at low temperature and high pressure air supply system has huge potential demand. As the manned space engineering, beidou satellite system, chang 'e moon exploration project, high resolution earth observation system, kuafu plan, a new generation of large thrust rocket and other key state science and technology projects plan and major aerospace engineering have started and implemented, space special pressure vessel industry will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development. According to China's aerospace industry development planning, 'twelfth five-year' period in our country will be 100 times, rocket launch satellites, 100. Space the morning market since 2004 in aerospace special pressure vessel, the main products include whole bandage high pressure air tank ( Cylinders) And high pressure spherical tank, the major current customers are mainly distributed in the general armaments department, aerospace science and technology group, and forces the institute. Products are mainly used in the satellite launch, a missile launch, research and development of liquid rocket engine test, wind tunnel test and part of the college scientific research laboratory ( Station) 。 Aerospace chenguang product is the company's third big plate of pressure vessel, according to a 2013 annual report, company 1. 9. 7 billion yuan income comes from pressure vessel, the year-on-year decline in 44. 72%.
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