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Soft automatic paste filling machine heating problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-09
Soft paste filling machine is a kind of new type filling machine, independent research and development of our company reference foreign advanced type hose filling and tail sealing machine, combined with the actual situation of domestic hose, design and manufacture of the model for the stainless steel fully enclosed, suitable for all kinds of plastic filling. It USES synchronous belt conveying pipe, and communication encoder PLC programming, touch screen operation, Camden and new technologies, such as pneumatic components control the mechanical action, through frequency converter speed control, to ensure high speed, stability and reliability of the operation of the machine, more accurate, to meet the requirements of GMP, filling in the table above with German wear-resisting sliding bearing, without refueling, reduce pollution; In order to make the machine run stably and reliably. Soft paste filling machine adopts the sealing ring, prevent filling leakage, the whole machine structure is advanced, the configuration is advanced, and equipped with automatic fault alarm, according to the Chinese is easy to operate, convenient maintenance, convenient cleaning, etc, can be in a soft automatic paste filling machine automatically automatic tube, automatic positioning filling, sealing automatically, such as production completion in one operation. And according to the material requirements in soft paste filling machine heating function. Host: the hose inlet pipe system, testing and cleaning device, optional hose color tag, structure of filling machine, automatic loading device, filling and promotion agencies, no tube and the filling system, it can be equipped with a set of insulated double cylinder filling, the tail sealing mechanism, discharge mechanism, main drive system, electric control system, main motor, overload protection system and the mold. No tube no filling: two sets of independent double guarantee no tube filling machine structure. In order to solve the hose prone to the problem of bubble and splash when filling, filling up the hose, nozzle into the appropriate place at the bottom of the hose and filling hose when falling, until the filling is complete, then the hose for a period of time when the nozzle into the blow and cut, make very clean the nozzle, the hose down into the next process. Filling head and nozzle through rapid replacement of joint connections, doesn't leave paste, easy disassembly and cleaning. Soft paste filling machine automatic controll device: different batches of ointment, density is slightly different, affects the explosive load, the device is used for fine-tuning filling amount, on a touch screen operation, convenient and intuitive.
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