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Small chili sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-11
Chili is indispensable in our daily diet, various forms of pepper was made, in the market, we can also see processed pepper sauce, general chili sauce selected from the bottle, it can also be filled with different varieties, to meet the needs of the consumers in the market. Small chili sauce filling machine has compact structure, reasonable design. Filling is accurate, stable and reliable operation and high efficiency, long service life, simple maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in various particles containing semiliquid, paste, paste filling, objects can also be used for various viscous filling. Small chili sauce filling machine applicable to the chili sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, broad bean paste, jam, sesame paste, sticky sauce, consistency large filling paste products, also called bean paste filling machine, hot pepper sauce filling machine, tomato paste filling machine, etc. Small chili sauce filling machine several advantages: 1. Small chili sauce filling machine structure is compact, simple. The machine adopts stainless steel, not only beautiful, but also can meet high corrosive liquid and hygienic requirements of food packaging. 2. Can be equipped with mixing function, solve the chili sauce and other granular material stratification, more accurate filling, frequency control, automatic arbitrary rotation, material mixed more evenly. 3. Hot pepper sauce filling machine form sealers adopt silicon rubber, Wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali corrosion resistance), Filling materials, USES the drop-proof, brush type partition, ensure bottle positioning pollution-free; 4. No level adjust the filling volume and filling speed, simple operation, with automatic feeding control, with the secondary gas control. 5. Adopt pneumatic filling, can be used in explosion-proof lamp factory. 6. Standard dedicated assembly castor use more flexible, high sensitivity, good reliability.
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