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Shampoo bottle filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-15
With shampoo filling machine is main equipment of our easy to use. With the improvement of market globalization and science and technology, the types of chemical products and the effect is more and more, China Daily shampoo hair care market is from growth gradually grow into mature period, use of shampoo filling machine is more and more prominent, the main trend in the current shampoo products to high-grade, functional localization, direction. We choose our shampoo shampoo packing have been an important impression, with shampoo filling machine quality is very important to product packaging. Jin Zong filler manufacturers developed the excellent performance of shampoo bottle filling machine, consider the market demand, so the high quality stainless steel, 34 and equipped with a drive system on the ground all by motor, deceleration machine, the CAM splitter, templates, and other components of the transmission chain, a bag system is composed of rodless cylinder and push the bag, enclosed filling system adopts pneumatic filling method, Angle seat valve control installation, and convenient to replace can meet the demand of different filling, the filling bottle, shampoo the filler has adjusted and diving function, due to the filling speed, increase the filling space, ensure that materials do not overflow, no requirement to bottle type, shape of the bottle. With shampoo filling machine the whole filling process by PLC computer control, simple operation, accurate measurement, the accuracy was 5%, and the manufacturers in need can be to Jin Zong hall field trip. Bottles of shampoo the filler manufacturer for multiple shampoo, laundry detergent and other daily necessities factory custom configure the automatic filling machine experience, according to the workshop, production requirements tailored to the filling machine, bottle of shampoo shampoo filling machine production line of a variety of press equipment demand configuration function.
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