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Semi-automatic particle packing scale advantages big reveal operation should pay attention to

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-08-11
Semi automatic granular packaging scale application is very extensive, but in daily industrial production is also one of the most common packaging equipment, we follow below Jinzong automation together to learn about the semi-automatic particle packing scale information. Semi-automatic particle packing scale semi-automatic packer scale for particles, mixed material and bulk material quantitative packaging and design, to adapt to a variety of bags, weighing range can be adjusted according to their own; Innovation process, the heavy bag vibrated, ensure filling effect; Have a unique design of feeding scale structure, ensure all kinds of special material feeding uniform, make sure the system quantitative accuracy. In addition, the semi-automatic particle packing scale also has quantitative, counting, filling, correction error, cleaning materials, parameters, memory, and other functions. Semi-automatic particle packing scale semi-automatic particle packing scale advantages 1, the packing speed, high precision. 2, automatic and manual function except for its skin. 3, according to set value, store, modify, and other functions. 4, in Chinese digital display simple and intuitive, continuous adjustable packing specification, working condition any transformation, the operation is very simple. 5, reasonable mechanical structure, system no good maintainability, strong adaptability to materials; Contact with the logistics part of 304 stainless steel. Semi-automatic particle packing scale operation note 1, before operating the machine, first put through power supply, ensure the safety of equipment lines smooth; 2, open the power switch, according to the requirement of the equipment set packing parameters; Semi-automatic particle packing scale 3, keep the machine using the environment clean, use environment shoulds not be too wet; 4, do not use in flammable, explosive and other bad environment packaging machine; 5, when maintenance should pull the plug, in case of electric shock; 6, mechanical failure immediately cut off the power supply, do not rush to repair. Jinzong automation think semi-automatic particle packing scale is still very high cost performance, because it can save time and human resources to a great extent, achieve better work efficiency. Quantitative packaging scale structure of quantitative packaging scale FengBao conveying unit, the weighing device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packaging control instrument, etc. Which affect the packing speed and accuracy are key components of the weighing unit, it includes storage bin, gate, cutting device, the scale body, clip bag device, stents, electrical control devices, etc. Storage bin bin for the buffer type, used for material reserve and provide a nearly uniform material flow; Gate is located in the bottom of the storage bin, when equipment repair or malfunction, used to block material in storage bin; Cutting device by intercepting hopper, sectional doors, pneumatic components, fill valve, etc, to provide fast and slow in the process of weighing two levels of feeding, the fast and slow feeding material flow adjusted separately, so as to ensure the accuracy of quantitative packaging weighers satisfy the measurement demands and speed; The role of the valve for the air in the balance when weighing system pressure difference; Mainly by weighing hopper, bearing support and weighing sensors, complete the weight to the change of electrical signal and transmitted to the control unit; Clip bag device is mainly composed of folder bag institutions, such as pneumatic components, the effect of clamping bags, let materials weighing over all fall into packaging bags; Electrical control device is composed of weighing displaying controller, electric components, control cabinet, role work for control system, according to the preset program, the whole system work orderly. 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