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Sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-12
Sauce filling machine: 1, PLC software support advanced intelligent operating system, adjust the need to set goals, the touch screen device can automatically increase or decrease in the amount reaching a goal. 2, color touch screen, complete all the touch screen operation, monitoring, instructions, etc. 3, the stability of the padding and rehydration function adopts the principle of separation of function. In the process of filling, no liquid supplement, regardless of what kind of liquid supplement installation process, replacing the instability of the liquid 3 at the same time. Small bottle of this machine is equipped with automatic capping function bayonet device, ensure that when the filling capacity of small bottle match the filling mouth ( Glass bottles, etc. ) 。 4, wide scope, easy to adjust, suitable for most type bottle ( Especially special-shaped bottle) The population of the bottle. 5, condiments filling machine closed pollution-free, is closed automatic filling machine, conform to the requirements of the national health, no pollution to health. 6, the use of advanced stepper motor or servo motor, feeding more precise, deserve to go up after the feeder machine, can automatically control the feeding machine, semi-automatic filling machine automatic feeding, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. 7, the control part adopts imported pneumatic components, PL sauce filling machine can automatically adapt to the production requirements of different users.
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