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Oil filling machine maintenance methods

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-10
Automatic material for the production of various kinds of viscous liquid, oil filling machine to use the manufacturer's equipment needs knowledge of all sorts of equipment maintenance to ensure stable oil filling machine production. A, bottled oil filling machine of common troubleshooting methods: 1, bottle filling machine, filling different liquid level: 2, check whether the bottle height is consistent, short at the top of the bottle without open the valve, cause the wine at a slower pace. Should choose the same height of bottle type. 3, check whether the parts is leakage, such as the bottle burst, level pad deviation is too big, can seriously damage the oil seal and so on. Two, friend chain filling machine can't start the reason: 1, the machine cannot be started after the bottle stuck. 2, turn the bottle dial, check whether the bottle dial is return. 3, the machine will automatically stop: usually check the wheel at the bottom of the spring is too loose, whether the shaft plate easy to slide and travel switch contact, which can lead to overload and downtime. Three, oil filling machine maintenance methods: 1, at the appropriate time clean fills paper and dirt in the valve, in order to prevent the wine and the suction hole plug. 2, regular cleaning sludge and dirt on the track wheel and track wheel, and often add lubricating oil to make the track wheel in the process of equipment running smoothly. 3, per shift to wine spindle lubrication hole filled with lubricant, The oil) 4, after each shift with a cloth to wipe bottleneck on board ( Tap) The guide rod, make its smooth up and down.
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