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Milk filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-08
With conveyor belt in and out of the bottle, microcomputer control system of PLC, photoelectric sensor monitoring, pneumatic operation, Chinese touch screen control, high degree of automation, automatic filling machine can automatically count the number of bottle to bottle, does not have a bottle or a bottle of bottle, one can easily operate the whole assembly line, the operator does not need professional skills. Milk filling machine is suitable for various liquid food, cosmetics, food, chemical industry, paste material, such as cream, milk products, glass of water, pure water, mineral water, liquid chemicals, edible oil, antifreeze and other liquid products. Characteristics of milk filling machine features: 1, touch screen control dose only slightly adjusted in filling machine. 2, dairy by filling machine equipment used in chemical and drink liquids of 316 stainless steel, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. 3, milk filling machine filling head can adjust the position according to filling the container size and shape, in order to meet the diversified needs. Just make a little adjustment to change the container, thereby saving the replacement of the trouble and cost of the mould. 4, elevating filling to prevent the liquid materials due to the high speed filling splash and dripping phenomenon, using a touch screen control system can adjust the volume of the filler and filling of the filling speed. 5, this machine provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services; Newly purchased equipment can provide on-site installation and training the operator for technical personnel services. 6, can adjust the machine according to user requirements, before buying pipe outlet, appearance and other details, so as to adapt to the future work environment ( Provided free of charge) 。 7, dairy filling machine in accordance with the food and drug GMP production requirements.
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