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Gas engineering knowledge: petrochemical general requirements to the layout of the heat exchange equipment is what

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-30
Construction engineering education network remote education is a large domestic engineering because of its years of experience, hire domestic authoritative testing experts, relying on professional and large teaching service team, in hd courseware, mobile and other advanced teaching methods, classroom powerful launch first class constructor, second class constructor, cost engineers, supervision engineers, real estate appraiser, safety engineer, consulting engineers, such as online course, high pass, by the consistent high praise. Petrochemical general requirements: (to the layout of the heat exchange equipment 1) Associated with fractionating column tube shell type heat exchange equipment, such as bottom reboiler, overhead condensation cooler, etc. Appropriate answer the process sequence arrangement near the fractionating column; ( 2) Two kinds of material for heat exchanger, appropriate arrangement in two kinds of material connected to the import and export pipeline recently; ( 3) A kind of material with different material for heat exchange tube and shell heat exchanger, should group arrangement; ( 4) Cooling water or cold agent of several groups of different material cooler, appropriate group arrangement; ( 5) Group arrangement of heat exchange equipment, YiQu bearing foundation center line of alignment, when bearing spacing is not same, YiQu end bearing foundation center line of alignment. For pipe connection is convenient, the ground arrangement of the heat exchanger tube side may be adopted import and export of the center line of the nozzle alignment; ( 6) Heat exchange equipment should be arranged on the ground as soon as possible, but the heat exchange equipment number can be decorated on the frame: 1) Floating head heat exchanger on the ground is decorated, should meet the following requirements: (1) hypoxia and tube width of both sides of the box should be not less than zero. 2 m of space; (2) tube box from the tube box end ahead than the length of tube bundle shall be maintained for at least 1. 5 m. 2) Floating head heat exchanger on the architecture layout, shall meet the following requirements: (1) the floating head end clearance in front of the platform should not be less than zero. 8m; (2) tube box side clearance should not be less than 1 mn in front of the platform, the platform adopts the detachable type rail, and should consider the space required for the bundle out area; (3) frame height should be able to meet the needs of heat exchanger tube box and floating head epicranium lifting needs. ( 7) In order to save the covers or process convenient operation can be overlap two heat exchange equipment layout. But for two phase flow medium or shell diameter greater than or equal to 1. 2 m of the heat exchanger is unfavorable overlap arrangement; ( 8) Between heat exchanger, heat exchanger, and other equipment net distance should not be less than zero. 7米; ( 9) Heavy oil or contaminated materials of heat exchange equipment should not be decorated on the frame; ( 10) Operating temperature is higher than the top of the material point of spontaneous combustion heat exchanger, such as floor or platform is separated, should not decorate other devices.
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