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Cooking oil filling machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-29
Cooking oil filling machine service life is related to the quality of the equipment, but the maintenance of production enterprises are also indispensable, if in use process careful cooking oil filling machine maintenance, still can prolong the service life of oil filling machine, the following interpretation of the cooking oil filling machine: 1. Equipment should be unified, because oil filled equipment is automatic machine, so for easy pull a bottle, bottle of cushion, the size of the bottle cap to unity. 2. Adjust the tool to the right, adjust the machine, should the correct use of tools. Too much it is forbidden to use tools or to use excessive force to remove parts, in order to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect machine performance. 3. Check the component's installation and operation. Every time to adjust machine, must tighten the loose screw and turn the machine by the rocker handle, see its movement is in line with the requirements, can drive the machine. 4. Keep clean and oil injection equipment must be kept clean, it is strictly prohibited on the machine with oily be soiled, liquids or glass beads, so as to avoid damages to the machine. 5. Refueling equipment maintenance is very important part of equipment management, it can greatly delayed failure frequency and reduce maintenance times. Both satisfy the continuity of the production, and save the maintenance cost. 6. Standard cleaning tools, such as cloth, wireless head fallen dry cloth, etc. Lubrication standard, such as pictures, data, cycle. Inspection standard and inspection frequency, the difference between the key location and general location, record the data of well ledger timely, and have found abnormal timely feedback. Adjustment process, the production department, quality department, technology department and on-site verification, and to adjust the data before the backup out: do preview preventive repair work, according to the importance of equipment classification, according to the grades of the equipment to do preview advanced placement program. 7. By wiping, cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjustment and other general method for refueling equipment repair, maintenance and protection of filling machine equipment performance and technology condition, can reduce maintenance workload by 5%.
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