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Chemical filling machine standard configuration application

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-05-11
As a kind of packaging equipment, automatic liquid filling machine will directly interact with packaged products, for any new packaging industry, can be a difficult process for the project to purchase equipment, so, today we will outline some packers can help guide the lack of experience, according to your demand to choose the appropriate packaging equipment aspect, starting from the liquid filling machine. 1. Clear understanding of the viscosity of the product. Can use the principle of all kinds of products from storage tanks moved to wait for filling bottles or containers, generally speaking, thin, the free flow of products is to use the overflow filler or gravity filler filling, thicker, more viscous products usually need piston type filling machine or pump filling machine, when packaging project including many kinds of product that has a variety of viscosity, pump or piston filling can be used with the thick and thin products, therefore, before buying liquid filling machine, you need to know the viscosity of the product, in other words, you should ensure that the purchase of the machine can deal with the physical properties of the product. 2. Share your bottle with suppliers or the size of the container. Know you going to use the bottle size is very important, because of incompatible machines might destroy the structural integrity of the automatic filling machine, for example, some automatic machines hold the bottle at the top, while others hold from the side, in fact, these bottles can be a few ounces of travel or the size of the sample products, can also be a gallon or more in bulk in containers, different packaging machine need to different transformation of bottle size, in order to obtain good results, please take photos and record the bottle size and style, and in contact with the supplier with suppliers to share these measurements. Application of liquid filling host chemical filler of institutions. Host is complete liquid filling action of the main device, only the front of the host is equipped with a number of filling head, pumping liquid cylinders on both sides, each corresponding to a cylinder filling head, material storage tank of liquid smoke into the air cylinder, crushed out again, the filling head into corresponding to the bottle, a miniature, small piston cylinder filling head open closed filling nozzle of the head, valve role, at the beginning of the filling to insert the nozzle into the bottle, and the constant distance from the bottom of the bottle to open small piston began pouring liquid, filling head filling while litres, straight zhi, close the vents at the priming, and rising zhi bottle position, filling equipment on both sides of the filling station and by the two baffle rod of the cylinder to drive, At the entrance bottle, the root of the root in the bottle) , and bottle filling stage card device to realize accurate filling. The liquid filling machine transmission module. Conveyor motor controlled by frequency converter, realize the stepless speed change, economic operation, the motor starts, the entrance to the cylinder retracted, empty bottles into of the belt and started into the bottle, and then export cylinder stretched out, and into the empty bottles stopped by export baffle rod, a setting into the bottle of photoelectric switch testing number into the bottle, when the number and filling quotas at the same time, the entrance to the cylinder, the entrance into the bottle, no longer blocking conveyor motor stop, after filling, the filling head rise, export cylinder retracted, began to turn the conveyor belt motor, will fill up the bottle. During this period, foreign filling machine is pouring into the domestic market, led to a fierce competition, domestic filling machine development enterprises seize the opportunity, in the short decades, through the unremitting efforts of filling machine industry, domestic filling machine in road umbrella got great development, from import to domestic, from the original without the ability to independent research and development to the present can be developed with filling machinery. Automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine manufacturer, dry mortar packing machine, ton bag packaging machine is my company's main business, looking for fully automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine, dry mortar packing machine, tons of bag packaging machine for my company, https://www. jinzongmachinery。 com/。 Jinzong Machinery, the main business products include liquid packaging automatic packaging equipment, automatic filling equipment specializing in the production of seller. Products through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, is sinopec, petrochina and other qualified suppliers. Jinzong Machinery LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, at home. 'Benign, high consistency, high stability, high yields and excellent compatibility' is Jinzong Machinery manufacturing guidelines, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the company's products are gradually through the 'CE'. Jinzong Machinery, welcome the masses of customers came to negotiate. 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