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Capsule filling machine common failures and solutions

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-04
Jin Zong JCT capsule filling machine, absorbs the advantages of fully automatic machine, and try to reduce some complex organizations, for the cost is larger and the effect is not obvious place, instead of manually. The unit price for fully automatic 10 - only One of the 20 points, and, more importantly, the fill speed faster, size of differences of common molded capsule shells, all can use. The machine will be filling capsule shells, collation, capsule cap, capsule suit, compact, convenient and suitable for both small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory, health care products in the factory, hospital, clinic, small batch production, such as 2 - 3 sets to use at the same time, but also suitable for mass production. Today Jin Zong small talk to everyone capsule filling machine common failures and solutions: 1, vibration, and the solution: adjust the voltage. 2, reed screw loosening, solution: tighten the screws. 3, capsule shells, in the work table, the solution: mouth higher or lower, the displacement plate height adjustment and guide rail. 4, capsule shells, fall too much, More than 3%) , the solution: vibrator improper adjustment, due to adjust the appropriate voltage or substandard capsules shell size, choose qualified capsule shell. 5, capsule shells, CARDS on the table can't whereabouts, solution: change the bedplate of capsule shells, dislocation or adjusting plate and the hole position. 6, mould can't reset in orbit, guide the back-end compression spring variant stuck stuck or capsule. Solution: replace the spring or plunger, the other will push rod to push stuck capsule. 7, mold guide plate wear, impact capsules nested rate is low, solution: change the new mould or loose on both sides of positioning, clamping positioning pin, capsule variant or damp, change good capsule shell. Understand the solution of these faults, the machine can work in normal operation.
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