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Canola oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-17
The oil filling machine equipment durability, stable performance, is a manufacturer needs such as cooking oil, lubricating oil filling equipment. Each filling head can be adjusted within a certain scope spacing and filling amount, can use all kinds of shape to the size of the container filling. A high degree of automation. In addition, semi-automatic double oil filler fuselage parts adopt high quality stainless steel, durable and health, long work reliable, stable performance. Canola oil filling machine performance characteristics, rapeseed oil filler filling range - 1 - - Can be applied to 1 2 l material filling. 2, the filling speed, the single head single pump frequency conversion, filling speed. 3, canola oil filling machine separate control filling head respectively, single frequency converter speed control, diversion uneven phenomenon. 4, canola oil filling machine single head single pump frequency conversion control independently, constant pressure, flow rate is more stable, single head can be directly modified error, ensures that 1%. Precision. 5, filling head back to the suction function, to prevent material drip, ensure the cleanliness of the bottle and equipment. 6, canola oil filling machine for filling speed, by slow, fast and slow way of multistage speed filling, to ensure that the filling speed and prevent spillage of material, 7, the machine stable filling pipe jams, will not affect other station, causing other location precision filling volume change, convenient cleaning fluid. 8, canola oil filling machine machine 34/316 stainless steel material, conform to the requirements for food grade. Suitable for industry application: food, cosmetic, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of viscous liquid filling. Such as chilli oil, peanut oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, laundry detergent, toilet, etc. Products.
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