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Automatic oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-05
Flowmeter measurement, touch-screen control, a key parameter adjustment, convenient and quick. Filling can be all kinds of grease, oil. Filling head adopts special oil drip-proof head filling head, don't drop. The oil filling machine features: 1, automatic oil filling machine is suitable for various oil and filling such as lubricating oil, edible oil, engine oil filling. 2, the filler machine equipped with touch screen, frequency control of motor speed conveyor belt. 3, filling machine, the machine has beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, easy operation, etc. 4, man-machine interface, directly set filling quantity; No bottle no filling, no downtime, and other functions. 5, PLC program control, frequency converter speed control linear filling. 6, high precision displacement meter, quantitative accurate and reliable. 7, oil filling machine can form a complete set of high-speed capping machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic printing machine, automatic packaging stacking, linkage formed the oil filling machine production line, high efficiency, energy saving, fully automated equipment. 8, oil filling machine adopts the technology of the fast and slow, can fast after a slow first, prevent material splash. Maintain the cleanliness of the production workshop. Technical parameters ( 1) The number of filling head: 2 - 16 ( According to the requirements of customers) ( 2) Filling capacity: 5 ml - 5 ml (between According to the product demand customization) ( 3) Filling forms: servo drive piston type long quantitative filling; ( 4) The filling speed: 4 - 7 / min ( Speed, can adjust the filling quantity) ; ( 5) Filling accuracy: & plusmn; 1% ( 6) Material: filling rack with 34 # stainless steel ( 7) Process control: PLC + touch screen. ( 8) Mouth and filling material slot parts in contact with liquid materials such as: 34 # stainless steel, PVC and POM; ( 9) Pneumatic:. 6 - 。 8MPa; ( 1) Material tank capacity: 2 liters ( With liquid level switch) ; ( 11) Protection device: liquid storage tank of liquid outage alarm; ( 12) Compatible with a range of different shapes and specifications of the bottle to put the bottle on the machine test pass; Purpose/application domain automatic oil filling machine widely used in various oil and filling viscous liquid, such as: peanut oil, blend oil, canola oil, lubricating oil, chili oil, engine oil, detergent, liquor, milk filling, etc.
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