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Automatic liquid filling machine system function

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-27
Automatic liquid filling machine, the system is stable and reliable, convenient operation, accurate filling. The filler is mainly composed of gun device, PLC system control part, weighing, filling, transportation equipment, etc. Automatic liquid filling machine system functions: 1. System adopts PLC programmable controller, the whole Chinese instructions, safe and reliable. 2. Manual loading, automatic filling, automatic transmission, manual loading, automatic positioning, automatic clamping. 3. Irrigation water gun drop-proof, prevent splash design was adopted for the whole process of quick release coupling easy disassembly, cleaning. Filling the whole process of drip tight, prevent splash. 4. Target system can be set freely, filling gun height is adjustable, suitable for all kinds of packaging barrels of rapid filling. 5. Equipped with the size of ball valve group and two stage filling gun, large, medium and small, micro level 4 filling design, steady and fast filling. 6. Scales is barrels pack, adopts differential pressure type zero-day bull barrels protection. 7. Automatically choose two filling way, net weight/gross weight ( Automatic peeling a barrel) 。 8. Good stability, reduce loss, save costs and improve work efficiency, reduce the pressure of manual operation. Automatic liquid filling machine are prone to failure in the summer. If the filling machine maintenance is not good, not only will fail, the quality of the product will exist hidden trouble. 1. The filling machine is made of stainless steel. Don't scratch the surface with good thing when cleaning, or there will be a rusty phenomenon, so as to avoid pollution of filler. If the surface has besmirch, using alcohol to swab. 2. Using special oil washing machine is not part of the contact materials. Automatic liquid filling machine cylinder lubricated before leaving the factory, please don't remove or add any lubricant, so as not to damage the cylinder. 3. Note filling machine ring, change in time when you wear. 4. Summer air temperature is higher, bacteria multiply faster. Use of automatic liquid filling machine, it is important to note that disinfection, to prevent oxygen to enter. Always keep filling machine pipeline cleaning, all piping, especially those who directly or indirectly contact material of pipeline, should be kept clean, at least once a week, clean with clear water once a day, each time will be sterilized before use.
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