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Automatic filling machine overflow bottle phenomenon, how to solve?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-22
2. The effects of the cylinder pressure cylinder for filling, in the process of filling machine filling bottles of cylinder pressure can't be ignored. If the pressure is too low, the bottle rise is not tight, pressure is not tight, lead to poor sealing, easy to form leakage bubbling, the liquid, but when the pressure is too high, the shake the bottle to the ground is very big, also easy to liquid. 3. A bottle of liquid filled with not too much, so as not to escape the CO gas is not enough buffer space, leading to a sharp drop in the pressure in the bottle, further bottle. 4. Filling valve for filling effect at present, the most liquid materials in the world the manufacturer of automatic filling machine equipment all adopt mechanical isobaric filling valve, when the filling valve in the vacuum valve sealing ring and sealing ring wear to the center of the pressure reducing valve device, can break the balance that isobaric filling, the filling level of abnormal, filling, valve pipe bending back, back to the umbrella on the duct damage against the aura, will also affect the normal liquid filling.
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