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Automatic filling machine operation and use

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-26
Leveling, automatic filling machine, need to adjust the automatic bottle filling machine to run, this includes not only adjust the transport rail and filling head, also included in the operator interface set the correct parameters, automatic liquid automatic filling machine will include PLC and touch screen interface, make it as simple as possible, however, even with the help of the interface, looking for indexing, pump speed, the fill time and other parameters of delay and duration is very time consuming. In most cases, the manufacturer will include a bottle to run the formula, and save it to the PLC, in these cases, the operator need to call the right formula can complete set. Automatic filling machine to replace the material packing materials: in the process of production from a bottle to another bottle, usually including from one size to another size, in these cases, the operator must perform the same as the initial setup tasks - usually Adjust the guide rail, adjust the filling head, adjust parameters - Lower levels of an automatic filling machine itself. When filling machine save formula, the operator can simply call the right formula and give up all the parameters set ( Still need to adjust the guide rail and filling head, and any other necessary physical changes) , for the same reason, the ability to set parameters for the operator is still a very good skill. The use of automatic filling machine, filling machine operator will be used to simply monitor automatic filling machine and other equipment, packaging lines, when necessary, the monitoring can be combined with tasks such as supplementary bottles and caps, in general, operators will find may affect machine performance tilting bottles and other problem, usually, the operator can monitor the whole production line, because a machine will ultimately lead to the problem of the whole production line fault. Filling machine screen and emergency stop button can be used to help monitor the operator lines and eliminate problems, help to remind the operator, and the emergency stop button allows the operator immediately shut off the line and remove any problem. , of course, different automatic filling machine and filling machine production line will force the operator to perform different functions, the above is the basic requirement of the automatic filling machine operator requirements, whenever you buy a new filling machine equipment, it is important to understand the operator of the necessary tasks, in order to avoid accident, and ensure that proper training and safety. The daily maintenance of automatic filling machine, automatic filling equipment, including wear parts, according to the use of automatic filling machine varies, for example, the overflow filler will include nozzle seal may need to change from time to time, some products may wear over time, need to change. Daily maintenance should also include the regular cleaning equipment. , depending on the type of packing of the products and packaging used environment different, may need different ways to clean, from simply spray equipment to wipe clean, even after each production run in detergent in the machine to run, in general, the equipment should avoid dirt, debris or product accumulation, otherwise may cause malfunction or shorten the service life of equipment. Automatic filling machine will also be equipped with in situ cleaning function, the system will cycle through product channel, and the operators are wide range of cleaning, in these cases, the operator will once again use the interface to set the clean time and cycle, make this part of the maintenance work is simple to just press a button.
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