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Automatic filling machine method how to maintain

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-02
If in use process automatic filling machine equipment maintenance, can be stable automatic production efficiency, and extend the using time, how about the full automatic filling machine in the maintenance of the equipment under the: 1, automatic filling machine form a complete set of equipment should be unified, automatic filling equipment automation, conveying bottle, bottle of pad and the size of the cap must be consistent. 2, adjust the filling equipment, should be used correctly, it is strictly prohibited to use too much tools or overly forcibly removed parts, in order to avoid damage to equipment or affect the filling performance. 3, check the component's installation and operation, every time to adjust machine, must tighten the loose screw, and then turn the machine to see its motion by rocker lever is in line with the requirements, which can drive the machine. 4, to clean the equipment after using automatic filling machine, at least once a week, it is forbidden to leave oily be soiled on filling equipment, liquid materials, etc. , so as to avoid damage to the equipment. 5, automatic filling machine by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjust the general methods, such as maintenance and automatic filling equipment, in order to maintain the performance and efficiency of filling machine equipment. The standard of cleaning tools, such as cloth, drops in wireless head dry towels, inspection standard and inspection frequency, the daily maintenance of automatic filling machine is a very important in the equipment management, can delay failure frequency and reduce maintenance times, it can not only satisfy the stability of production.
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