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Automatic filling machine is important equipment for the production of automatic

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-26
The value of automatic filling machine and advantages show that their effort is worth it. Now, hot pepper sauce filling machine is unstoppable, and the development trend of automatic packaging of sustainable development, bring good development condition to the industry market, automatic filling machine is a kind of flexible devices in the market, has become important in the process of enterprise production filling machine equipment. Automatic filling machine is suitable for food, wine, beverage, daily chemical, oil, pesticides, veterinary medicine, spices, sauce and other liquid or cream material filling the quantitative. The following is part of an automatic filling machine features: 1. Automatic filling machine is a machine, electricity, light, and the combination of instrument, controlled by single chip microcomputer, a automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error, etc. 2. Speed: adopt servo control and electric technology, the highest speed can be up to 4 - 15 bottles/minutes. 3. High precision: filling accuracy can be controlled within 1%. 4. Filling range: the same fixed filling pattern can be arbitrary loading 1 - 5 ml, strong compatibility. 5. Cassette connection, remove the fast, easy to clean, easy maintenance. 6. Touch screen control, with the function of counting. 7. Configuration of filling head, effectively prevent water and pumping. 8. Fault automatic query, material liquid level alarm function. 9. Parts contact with material using stainless steel, easy to clean, prevent cross contamination automatic filler has a variety of formats, can also according to the production process requirements, for more product information can be directly consulting service, professional to provide automatic filling machine and filling machine for you information, also can come to factory take samples of commissioning.
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