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Automatic filling machine heating problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-29
Automatic filling machine hybrid control system: according to the installation position of divided into stirring and mixing, stirring upper usually mechanical agitation, usually magnetic bottom stirring, the mechanical stirring: mixing motor installed at the top of the tank, stirring shaft is made up of half shaft and half shaft. Automatic filling machine configuration also need according to the requirement of the mixed, control system and filling the mouth to carry on the design, can also according to customer's need to install the thermometer, real-time monitoring of temperature liquid automatic quantitative filling machine. Operators in the process of automatic filling machine operation: operation simply by touch control, automatic filling machine filling mouth pointed directly at the container below the spray gun nozzle, automatic filling a series of products such as packaging, filling quantity adjustment, filling speed, automatic feeding, remind of material, mixing, heating, etc. , can also set the storage of up to a different setup and related products filling parameters, are free to use a key switch, the above function can realize the touch screen operation.
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