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Automatic filling machine function is introduced and the operation

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-02
The function of automatic filling machine configuration: 1. Chinese show: 7 inches full color LCD screen, Chinese global Chinese guide operation. 2. Smart efficiency: weighing machine barrel ban fill, differential pressure zero free day touch barrel protection, automatic peeling and automatic test open fill, intelligent foolproof, fault detection, etc. , which can realize single filling and blocks at the same time. 3. Equipment filling gun: technology from Germany, five layer sealing design, after filling is not dripping. 4. Easy operation: packaging barrels positioning groove is adjustable, rapid positioning accuracy; System automatically detect bucket positioning, automatic start filling; Filling gun 15 mm height is adjustable, suitable for different specifications of the barrel. 5. Switch function: net weight/gross weight, automatic/manual function switching mode. 6. Fast: equipped with size ball valve group and two stage filling gun, large and small, micro level 4 design, prevent the incoming flow change on the accuracy of filling effect, high filling accuracy and speed. 7. Configuration: import original mitsubishi PLC, Siemens PLC/Japan omron relay, France schneider switch, Germany FESTO cylinder and size ball valve group, Siemens man-machine interface, to ensure that the overall performance of stable, rapid, accurate and durable. 8. Explosion protection: the whole cast aluminum explosion-proof electric cabinet, explosion-proof grade ExdIIBT5, protection grade IP67. Automatic filling function operation: 1. Touch screen monitor the home screen: monitor the home screen can be intuitive real-time monitoring all movements of the PLC controller, with practical part of the animation simulation equipment, inward and outward show the current bottle. 2. When 3 seconds are not filled with liquid after fault will be prompted to replace liquid time is too long. 3. For manual operation in the process of operation, can be manually at any time in and out of the bottle. 4. Stop button the same as the function of emergency stop button on the panel. 5. The current fill the number shows the number of currently being filled. 6. Shift output count range over 99. 99 million, reset button to reset the counter to zero. 7. The communication link. When the right animation normal, the normal communication, animation stop instructs the communication connection. 8. Conveyor belt, display the current location information of the switch. When there is no display, represent the current state stopped (of the conveyor belt The intermediate position of the switch) 。
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