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Automatic filling machine flash problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-20
Automatic filling equipment not flashing and flashing lights of two problems: one after filling, filling equipment, touch switch, will not be filling, and time relay digital indicator LED will not blink, it may be that the filling machine filling switch damage or loose filling machine of time relay base. In this case, you can use the same type of filling time switch or relay base instead of filling machine filling switch or filling equipment of time relay base. 2, after starting the touch switch, time relay digital LED lights flashing, but does not happen this kind of phenomenon, this phenomenon may be due to the filling equipment of electromagnetic valve coil damage or filling machine equipment of pneumatic valve core stolen goods are stuck. Therefore, in this case, if the pressure meet the requirements, 4 - 6公斤/平方厘米) , we can check whether there is a pressure or air pressure is too low. Three, you can remove the filling machine equipment of power supply, open the circuit board, using the rotating or press the corresponding button to the right of solenoid coil, valve can be reversed if filling machine equipment, means that the solenoid coil is damaged, if not reverse filling machine equipment, is the valve core is stuck, can replace filling machine equipment of solenoid coil. Or remove valve repair ( Need professional personnel to remove or check) 。
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