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Air conditioning unit and dust filter and heat exchange equipment scale, how to deal with?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-31
Air conditioning unit ( Also called air conditioning box) After filter and dust occur, will cause air resistance increases, the fan efficiency variation; And once there is any dust, fouling heat exchanger, will lead to the increase of heat transfer resistance. And for a long time by corrosion of the pipeline pressure performance variation of dirt, appear even system leakage phenomenon; After scaling and water spray system, often can cause nozzle clogging, seriously affected the heat exchange efficiency of spray chamber. In order to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system, extend the service life of equipment, design a set of simple maintenance device to do regular maintenance of air-conditioning equipment conveniently is possible and necessary. And increase the system we also need to acquire additional tank or a solution, spray pump replacement as acid proof pump, so in the process of practical maintenance is very economic. A form of filters, air conditioner commonly used early 1, effectively filter effectively filter commonly used metal mesh, glass, porcelain, coarse polyurethane foam plastic or synthetic fibers as a filter layer, combined with network and fixed frame filter. In recent years, the development and use of non-woven fabric is. The filter must be manual cleaning and replacement, in order to reduce the workload cleaning filter, improve operational efficiency, drive around the roll of filter can be used. This filter is mainly composed of metal mesh ( Fiber cloth) Fabric filter material composition. Filter in the transmission mechanism led by a slow rotation, sticky dust in oil tank cleaning itself, and continuous working. 2, effectively filter in the filter generally choose lOp in diam. M or so of glass fibers, pores in the polyethylene foam or by acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, etc for the filter material made of the filter. Under the different filter layer thickness and filtration velocity, the filtering effect will be different. To improve the efficiency of filtering and processing parameters, often made from a drawer or bag filter element. At present, the efficient filter has been gradually used in chemical fiber filter, the filter material are made into felty, along the direction of the thickness of the filter material fiber density is different, from coarse to fine. In the same condition, the chemical fiber filter compared with foam plastic or glass fiber filter material with high efficiency, small resistance. The advantages of large amount of dust. 3 hepa filter, high efficiency filter is mainly used for super net requirements of air conditioning system, as the final filter, the former should be set up in the early, intermediate profiteer. This kind of filter filter material for superfine cotton fiber, superfine glass wool, etc. The filter material fiber is less than 1 m in diameter, and filter material made of paper sheet. In order to reduce the flow resistance and increase of the diffusion effect of dust, with low filtration rate ( Such as 2. 0 ~ 2. 5cm/s) 。 So it will soon be paper folded many times. The filter area in 50 ~ 60 times of ventilated area. After folding the strainer filter paper, in the middle of the channel by corrugated separator separation. Hepa filter can be used in nontoxic requirements of biological clean room, realize the effective capture bacteria in air dust particles. Second, knot, scale formation causes and harm of dust besides super net requirements of air conditioning system, general comfort air conditioning unit often use coarse filter. The dust particles in the air in the process of using adsorption on the screen, inevitably lead to filter blockage, increases the air resistance, impact the efficiency of the fan, serious when can cause the fan pressure head is not enough, can't meet the requirements of air supply, so should be regular cleaning mesh in order to meet the operating conditions of air conditioning unit. But in the process of actual use. Part of the construction unit to ignore the problem easy maintenance, maintenance, management and the operator when the air conditioning unit, also only consider how convenient and prolong a single run of the air conditioning unit. Sometimes even coarse efficient filter will be removed. This unit operation after a certain period of time, dust adsorption in the air conditioning unit between the fin heat exchanger, thus cause heat exchange efficiency drops, air output. In addition, because the dust adhesion on the fin, condensation water at work can't court beads of condensation and cannot meet the water drops smoothly to the plate, it also increases the heat transfer resistance. On the surface of cold hot amphibious type heat exchanger. Heat medium using hot water or steam is inevitably in the pipeline internal scale ( Mainly scale) 。 Because of its high coefficient of thermal conductivity of heat exchanger wall steel lambda ( λ≌50w/m·k) And scale coefficient of thermal conductivity of lambda is small ( λ= 1。 2 to 1. 4W/m·k) Only 2 of the former. 4 to 2. 8%. Thus cause heat exchanger heat transfer resistance increases, the effect of air conditioning unit significantly decreased. For water spray chamber, dust, scale also has a serious impact.
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