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A new era of chemical equipment - — 4. The era of

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-23
For China's petroleum and chemical production enterprises, chemical equipment manufacturing enterprise in our country has entered the market threshold is low, development blindness is bigger and more disorderly competition in the market, in the development of the petrochemical industry belongs to one of the weak link in the chain. Since this year, under pressure from rising economic downturn, each index of the chemical equipment manufacturing industry is the downward trend, already appeared a strong sense of urgency. 'Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' period, with the development of China's petrochemical industry from high speed to medium speed, chemical equipment manufacturing industry must face the new situation, to adapt to the new normal, accelerate across 4 into equipment manufacturing. The transformation of the era, to seek, promoting the upgrade. In recent years, large-scale, equipment more and more digital factory has gradually become a trend, also for the growth of the domestic chemical industry equipment manufacturing industry to create a good opportunity. According to preliminary estimates, the 2014 national chemical equipment manufacturing industry's main business income has more than 1. 1 trillion yuan. At present the traditional chemical production technology matures, the market competition is increasingly fierce, demand growth is extremely limited, the corresponding chemical equipment market will inevitably enter the depth adjustment. We estimate that this year and traditional chemical equipment market space will continue to narrow, it may be by the end of 2018 or more later to see. But at the same time should see, our country the industrialization, the urbanization continues to accelerate the development of, many petrochemical products in the domestic market there is still room for growth, petrochemical enterprises have great potential for technological transformation and equipment renewal, so traditional chemical equipment manufacturing without overly pessimistic. 'Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' period, along with our country's petrochemical industry chain in the middle and lower reaches of the extension to the product, to the deep processing and fine development, device of the large scale and the equipment is no longer the main technical difficulties, difficulties focused on how to provide the technology and equipment required for the development of fine chemical industry. At present, the global chemical industry to expand in the direction of the downstream, mainly chemical pharmacy, daily chemical, compared with our more bullish on chemical pharmaceutical industry development prospects, the resulting equipment development opportunity is worth looking forward to. In addition, in recent years, the solar power, wind power, nuclear power and offshore oil drilling gathering and other emerging industries, also created new markets for the equipment manufacturing industry. As the national leading science and technology research, chemical equipment independent innovation will be more in the real meaning of market environment. But large gasification equipment design and manufacturing and other major projects, still have to continue to adopt the way of major technical equipment localization collaborative research. Appearance in the domestic market in recent years as many as 20 various type coal gasifier, but all have no real grasp of the successful reaches producing standard and performance, the localization problem of large coal gasifier must be determined to be completely resolved. The development of the chemical production process software package is a field of chemical equipment manufacturing industry should focus on. Design software package is the basis of the chemical engineering construction stage, the petrochemical industry development in our country so far, still can't say basic design is based on domestic, there are many still want to buy at foreign suppliers. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, modeling and simulation of chemical process has gradually become the main tool of chemical process technology research and development, and for the next phase of chemical process equipment upgrading find a shortcut. 4 chemical equipment manufacturing industry to focus on manufacturing. The development of 0. 4. 0 refers to digital, as Internet technology allows manufacturers and user interaction at the different stages of the product into manufacturing, production mode transition from centralized to decentralized way, to personalized product homogeneity. For chemical equipment manufacturing, the 4. 0 is the application form from raw materials into the factory to product maintenance of closed-loop chain, or in the entire product life cycle have traceability. At present, digitization of petroleum and chemical industry has been rolled out, it also marks the chemical equipment manufacturing 4. In the age of 0. For example, in the field of design, with foreign big software into the domestic commercial market, based on stress analysis design method is more and more popular. Objectively speaking, domestic chemical equipment manufacturing industry is still in 2 now. 0 to 3. 0 alternating phase, to rise to 4 as soon as possible. 0 new height, the urgent matter is to establish a series of digital design research and development center. Can take full advantage of the characteristics of LAN and Web environment to build network intelligent welding procedure qualification system, improve the welding efficiency and quality. Can also promote a visualization and the traceability of the digital ultrasonic testing technology, to make up for the inadequacy of X-ray flaw detection technology. In a word, 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' period, chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises should abandon to figure processing custom this relatively extensive mode of production operations, seize the oil and chemical industry to expand the historical opportunity of downstream, as soon as possible after the weak link in product design. Especially chemical equipment host or key equipment manufacturing enterprises should consider go process package development, plant design and equipment supply complete sets of road, promote integration ability and packaging service ability, speed up to 4. 0.
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