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A detergent filling machine how to choose?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-02
Cope with the effects of the epidemic, every family should stay at home as much as possible, in order to reduce to eat out, in order to stay healthy, even in the home should take relative measures, in addition to often open a window and insolate, disinfection is an essential step, disinfectant, alcohol and other items also becomes scarce, a lot of demand on the market, therefore, in order to enable people to buy disinfectant products as soon as possible, can choose to purchase automatic production disinfection liquid filling machine. Automatic filling machine introduction: full automatic filling machine product disinfectant in operation, the error precision, install, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on more convenient, widely used in various water, apply liquid filling, such as: reagent, disinfectant, injection, glucose, medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, disinfectant liquid products such as automatic filling. Disinfection liquid filling machine features such as: 1, the change of automatic filling machine equipment design reasonable, compact concise and beautiful appearance, convenient adjustment of quantificationally. 2, disinfection liquid filling machine have multiple filling head at the same time, customers can choose according to their own needs, fast and accurate filling material. 3, made of high quality pneumatic components and electronic components, stable performance. 4, material contact parts made of 316 l stainless steel. 5, easy to touch screen control, no bottle, no filling, accurate filling volume and counting function. 6, using drip tight and wiredrawing filling partition, anti high foam filling and improve the system, to ensure that the bottle mouth positioning of the positioning system and liquid level control system. Need to know about automatic filling machine equipment product information, consult customer service!
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