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What problem filling the opportunity arises

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-23
5. In the process of using the abnormal noise? Noise may be the cause of the lack of lubricating oil or screw loose, if the component shift, if the situation is normal, may be the machine use time is too long, caused by worn parts. 6. Filling machine can't work suddenly? Because there is no plug in or no air pressure problem, should check the power supply and air supply, to ensure the normal work of the machine. 7. Filling accuracy and filling is accurate? Quantitative is inaccurate due to feed channel at the entrance or internal debris blocked the filling channel, the solution is clear channel, are not allowed to close the small amount of filling head side of the ball valve or increase the feed rate, to set a time to slow down filling speed again. How to prolong the service life of automatic filling machine, the best way to avoid mechanical failure is often check, prevent screws, fasteners loose, often change the mechanical seal to prevent problems.
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