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Viscosity fluid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-06
Viscosity fluid filling machine adopts time control, can realize the measurement of atmospheric pressure viscous fluid, simple operation, easy to use, reliable performance, durable, 34 stainless steel, the main material of this machine is widely used in oil, petroleum, chemical industry, daily chemical industry such as the adoption of double speed technology, high speed and low speed can be arbitrarily chosen. At the same time have a variety of intelligent protection function, convenient and quick replacement of varieties, unique design, superior performance, appearance accord with mechanical equipment. Features: 1, the viscosity fluid filling machine by servo motor control plunger pump to realize quantitative filling, filling volume can be within the rated range set arbitrary. 2, 7 inch touch screen display, full Chinese man-machine interface, contains information to help, intuitive and easy to understand. 3, rarely built-in adjustable parameter, easy-to-install design operation. 4, by elevating filling head device, deep inside the bottle filling without air bubbles. Contains 5, configuration, color touch screen, touch screen operation, monitoring, operation instructions and other functions.
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