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Soy sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-05
Bottled sauce filling machine adopts pneumatic filling, more simple and reasonable structure, high precision, can be adjusted by host touch screen, mutual interference, automatic filling machine and sealing machine adopts independent variable frequency power source, can be adjusted by host touch screen, operation more convenient, it is an ideal equipment in the production of daily chemical industry packing, can configure various functional device, auto complete the bottle automatically unscramble bottle, automatic filling, automatic cover, automatic spray process, such as full automatic operation, when different specifications filling, directly on the touch screen to adjust the height of the filling head, completed a key, no manual repeat positioning adjustment, more convenient. Soy sauce filling machine performance characteristics: 1, bottled sauce filling machine adopts volume measurement, very accurate, when the container arrived at scheduled after filling the position of the piston in the master cylinder drive will produce precise injection into the container. 2, can be adjusted through the filling way, filling instead mouth filling dive to the bottom of the container, to reduce the impact to make filling without bubbles. 3, soy sauce filling machine, automatic back to the suction device is designed, when at the end of the filling, filling the mouth with saliva absorption function back guarantee bottle no drip no drawing, no pollution. 4, soy sauce filling machine integrating light, machine, electricity, gas, powerful PLC software support, which can realize digital automatic filling operation, can run 24 hours a day. 5, the machine adopt stainless steel material manufacturing, outside the box with dust, moisture. 6, soy sauce filling machine is the condiment liquid filling equipment, food, chemical industry, the machine has compact structure, reasonable design, and smooth operation, long service life. 7, material contact parts made of sanitary stainless steel 34, non-polluting process. Replace and clean each kind of material is easy. 8, power control subsystem and feeding is used to improve the filling speed, greatly improve the accuracy of the filling, error in 1 & permil; Or less. 9, has a unique anti drip irrigation head, filling type of fine design, short journeys, also improved the full filling speed, and the filling precision, to ensure that there won't be in the process of normal filling oil leakage. 1, fast and slow two-speed filling, at the beginning of filling full fill, by changing the speed of the motor, when the bottle is about to reach, and two kinds of speed can continue to prevent overflow bottle has a good effect. Application industry and using type: soy sauce filling machine for liquid filling machine is not only suitable for soy sauce filling machine, suitable for water in a wide range of industries. Viscous liquid filling. Industries such as food, chemical industry, daily chemical products, cosmetics, beverages, etc liquid.
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