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How to choose the suitable mixing machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-18
Working condition of the content is more extensive, including the material of the physical properties and chemical properties and its influence on mixing equipment, material in the mixing process with and without the requirement of special processing and the mixing machine installation space, and so on, more is different due to various constraints, so it is difficult to have a clear standard, only here is usually working conditions to choose the structure of the mixer and its important affect for shallow slightly analysis: 1, for the proportion of different materials, different mixing equipment in addition to the structural strength and power, the discharging door, rotating speed of rotor, the body structure even tend to have bigger difference, performance parameters, such as not simply as a local reinforcement or the power zoom. Such as ribbon mixer mixing hops generally adopts double double wide ribbon, while the mixed iron pretty common monolayer interlaced helical ribbon, and mesh, the rest of the structure also has a very obvious difference speed difference is very big also. 2, as for small granularity material, it is important to pay special attention to the sealing of production equipment, also want to carefully consider the residual. For example with biaxial blade without gravity mixing machine mixing flour, best to choose over 90 ° at the same time to open the door, blowing self-cleaning system, oblique woven type gas discharge gate and shaft end seal, in order to better ensure sealing and to reduce the residual, also had better use easy bag exhaust instead of return air duct, in order to avoid too much mixed fine flour from duct mouth out back. 3 and multi-dimensional considering the effect of other special property to choose the equipment. If less liquid or liquid, add more material can be selected according to specific conditions and reasonable shear mixing action strong coulter, throwing knives, crushing roller etc. Wear faster institutions should make wear-resisting processing or designed to adjust and change; Due to the need of bonded materials and often clean the equipment should be set scraper device such as a self-cleaning and convenient cleaning door; Appearance is not allowed to damage or particle state material, is used for container rotary mixer, etc. Rely mainly on mixed convection and diffusion and mixing process of soft equipment and so on. 4, for heating or material mixed with chemical reaction, in addition to select the appropriate materials and temperature control structure, but also pay attention to the influence of temperature change on the equipment institutions themselves. As the discharging door had better choose the door structure, if you must use a big door structure, must adopt oblique woven type discharging door automatic compensation ability of discharging structure, so as to avoid heat deformation for discharging part and reduce the reliability of the seal; Equipment main shaft and rotor institutions such as the design at the same time also to take the necessary expansion compensation measures. 5, installation space is also often need to consider the problem in choosing mixing equipment. Like horizontal mixer is suitable for large area and height is the limited situation, vertical blending machine, by contrast, vertical mixer is suitable for the occasion, in the narrow space without gravity mixer and v type mixer compared with other mixing devices of the same specification, take up the space is generally much more, but it also has the advantages of movement, convenient arrangement. Of course, in addition to the mixer's own installation size, reasonable arrangement and site installation method can effectively improve mixing machine installation space condition. Mixing equipment in the selection, rarely get only according to a series of independent experiments mixture quality model to determine the mixed type. Usually, to comprehensively consider the mixture quality and the compatibility of different mixing equipment to process, when the initial choice will first incompatible mixing equipment. These compatibility refers to the following content: 1, product purity in many industrial processes, the purity of the products is the most important, to avoid pollution between batch operation, after each use, mixing equipment must be thoroughly clean. In order to adapt this condition, mixing machine internal shape to smooth, clear within should be high precision polishing processing, but also easy to cleaning operations. Possible to avoid oil contamination, bearings and seals should not be direct contact with the mixture, or placed above the mixture. Rotary drum mixer - — Namely common double cone mixer, v-shaped mixer, two-dimensional motion mixer can meet all the requirements of the above, has a simple shape, and blending machine internal contact with rotating part no. And with complex impeller device low-speed convective mixing equipment, not only the cleaning problem exists, and all the convective mixing equipment is mixture and lubrication show that the possibility of contact, such as horizontal ribbon mixer, cone mixer, etc. In addition, a lot of mixer is also often change does not apply to the product specification, and thoroughly clean the processing environment. 2, type mixer mixing pause in sealing, except to consider can provide high purity of the product, must also consider the dust overflow and environmental pollution and other environmental problems. Think in terms of health, safety and economy, should as far as possible to reduce dust overflow, mix powder all sealed in a closed container operation. But when loading and unloading operation, airtight container must be opened, at this time there will be some fine dust overflow diffuse into the surrounding air, and corresponding measures should be taken to minimize pollution.
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