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Dynamic review: electric power equipment and the new energy industry in its nuclear program by the end of 2016 demonstration reactor start-up floating nuclear power station construction lifting equipment manufacturing

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-15
Events: China nuclear industry group chairman Sun Qin said in an interview with reporters, the nuclear group subsidiary of China nuclear power research design institute joint domestic hull platform development, design and manufacturing unit has been completed, according to the preliminary design floating nuclear power plants of China seas and key technology research work, have the demonstration reactor basic conditions for the construction and plan to start the demonstration reactor building at the end of 2016, completed in 2019. China nuclear power institute to provide the only reliable technical endorsement: Marine floating nuclear power plants in China nuclear power institute over the past 50 years is China's only on nuclear submarines DuiXing design related research institutes, and is independent research and development in our country's first civilian DuiXing designers, for nuclear reactor design has the absolute power in the ocean. China's nuclear power institute has developed a ACP10S, ACP25S, ACP100S three different size scale floating nuclear power plants, power can meet the demand of all kinds of market and users. Reasonable supply and demand relations to promote the healthy development of floating nuclear power plants, nuclear power station can be for offshore drilling platforms at sea, the south China sea islands development provides the thermoelectric water energy demand, meet the power supply, heat supply, water desalination, nuclear power, refrigeration and other diversified development needs. From the demand side, the current cost of a mature way of diesel generator in KWH 1. 5 - 2 yuan, and the reference land nuclear KWH cost at 0. 3 yuan - 0. 4 yuan, including depreciation, finance charges and daily and regular cost occupy a larger proportion, according to estimates, floating plant of KWH cost shall not be higher than 0. 8 yuan, the diesel generator about half the price. Therefore, the supply and demand of floating nuclear power plants is reasonable, do not need to direct subsidies policy level, after the completion of the can for the social economy. Inland nuclear power dispute continuously, Marine nuclear power platform is expected to become a new industry development window: inland nuclear power dispute continuously, approval of relevant plant big probability still need to wait for several years. Such as maritime nuclear power plant, and will create new growth point for the nuclear power industry chain, positive related operators and equipment manufacturers. And land a small pile of manufacturing practice foundation for the future. Good nuclear-powered courtyard theme related equipment manufacturing listed companies: through the previous research, we believe that the three listed companies on the market and the equipment manufacture of Marine nuclear power platform have a more direct relationship. Considering the zhejiang rich holding 66. 7% of all the remaining stakes in huadu companies in sichuan on nuclear power, can implement likely think related orders. Stake in the south wind and nuclear power house small pile of 3 d printing pressure vessels approached by sea, and signed the early stage of the cooperation contract, given the current nuclear power companies such as a heavy orders full, are not necessarily scheduled delivery a small pile of pressure vessel, the south stake in a small pile of pressure vessel is likely to get 3 d printing from the pilot in the field of nuclear energy and even the final order. Xing toys, like the three state nuclear successful m&a, the equity of nuclear-powered school will receive a group of xing toys, considering the nuclear power institute technology in three states of nuclear energy for many years, three states of nuclear energy for nuclear power plants, military vessels such as the production pipeline for many years, the related order to achieve more likely.
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