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Do not connected to the water supply network will heat exchange equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-08
Comprehensive editing heating within 10 days, the city had happened four heating water mixed with water pipe caused by water pollution problems. Water quality monitoring center of taiyuan water supply group warns broad citizen, to public water safety, please do not attached directly to the water supply network system to heat exchange equipment. On November 2, machine tool plant dormitory west wing 7th floor of a resident reflect, tap water heating in the home, and with pungent odor, cannot drink. Group water quality monitoring center after receiving the user reflect, immediately to the scene view. The field test and the survey found that the user area director of network quality is normal, the cause of water pollution is the unit a resident in the home to change the tap water pipe, private heat converter. Staff immediately asked the residents to dismantle heat, more than 10 minutes, the tap water quality back to normal. Staff, due to the heating water is corrosive, long-term soaking water pipe, water pipe corrosion and cause the heat water into the tap water pipeline, to tap water pollution, harm to other users of water security. Water for public safety, do not attached directly to the water supply network system to heat exchange equipment. If people found the water gets hot, smell or color anomalies, such as the user to immediately stop drinking, and timely contact service hotline taiyuan water supply group.
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