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Common use automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-27
The liquid leakage of liquid filling machine: ( 1) Tighten the injection nozzle and replace the blinds nozzle sealing ring. ( 2) Replace the tube. ( 3) Clean the pneumatic valve and replace the pneumatic valve sealing ring. ( 4) Replace the sample cylinder seals. 5, automatic filling machine equipment manufacturers will be put into operation in the product before debugging, so the equipment has been in the factory for lubrication, do not need to repeat to add, you can use for a period of time after use usage added. 6, automatic filling machine equipment maintenance still need to pay attention to many things, most of the automatic filling machine USES stainless steel, and some structural materials require a higher quality, please do not use sharp and hard tool to scratch the surface.
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