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Automatic filling machine diversified development

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-28
Automatic filling machine function diversity is a big trend, in the cosmetics, food, beverage, cosmetic, food and other items is indispensable in the daily lives of consumers, automatic filling machine equipment in our country also has a growing, diversified continuously, and has been widely used in the production factory, in the past, China's packaging machinery sales growth, especially filling machine sales. Automatic filling machine is not only diverse styles, but the function is all ready, such as cream, toothpaste, viscous agent products, milk, beverage, liquid, and other products, can be filled with automatic filling machine, it in packaging production line to bring huge benefits at the same time, also brought great convenience to consumers. Due to market products upgrading fast, is also high to the requirement of automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine manufacturer for this kind of situation, is also in constant innovation and improvement, so as to fit the market trend of automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine not only meet the national hygiene standards, but also help enterprises to save costs, improve production efficiency. Automatic filling machine product features: 1. Each filling head automatic filling machine has a pump, a nozzle and a metering pump, makes each injection nozzle can independent filling, the filling precision is improved and the stability of performance, at the same time, also more conducive to the maintenance of the later, padding does not leak, stop after filling, the remaining oil back, achieve the goal of not leak. 2. Core hardware imported Germany Siemens PLC and touch screen man-machine interface, make the production of parameterized control, convenient operation, easy maintenance. 3. Have a transportation tank filling machine itself, to ensure that the filling is not affected by raw material tank distance and height of the external conditions such as restriction and influence. 4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel (34), corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and disinfection, conform to the state of food machinery, food hygiene and food safety requirements and regulations. 5. The design of the automatic filling machine, organic glass, can prevent the impurity from the plant into the filling machine, pollution of raw materials, health and safety. 6. Automatic filling machine adopts imported infrared sensor precision control filling position.
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